No, I'm Not Dead

Nor have I been abducted by aliens, or recruited by some secret spy organization (although that would be rather cool). No, I've just been lazy. And then I was in Cuba. But now I'm back and finally decided to get off my lazy ass and post something before I get kicked off the GTA Knit Bloggers Webring for not posting in over a month. Can you say, "Opps!"? Why knew a month could fly by so quickly?

So I guess I'd better have something to show for the month's absence, eh? Okay, well. Here goes.

Remember the Mission Fall Skirt that I was designing/hodgepodging from other patterns? Yes, well. Here it is:

And here it is while on me:

The skirt was my Stashbusters project for July. I think I missed the deadline by a couple of days. But nothing inexcusible, from my point of view. But then, since I'm blogging this about a month too late, I could say whatever I wanted and you'd have to believe me, right? But I wouldn't do that because I'm an upstanding citizen who doesn't lie, right? Right....

And then remember how I abondoned the Toe-Up Socks? Well, I abandoned them for Fleece Artist socks. It's an Interweave Knits pattern. Something about flows and going with them.

And then the side view:

If you haven't noticed yet, I haven't bound off the toe yet. It's still sitting there on three needles waiting for me to graft it together. Do you know how long it's been waiting? A couple of weeks now, at least. When do I intend to graft it together (nevermind knitting the other sock)? I have no idea. Personally, I'm not so fond of doing the finishing on projects. This does not bode well for my knitting future.

And then somewhere in there I bought some Noro and made the Multidirectional Scarf #2:

I made it narrower than the first one, and so it is longer than the first one. I think I like the shape of this one better than the other. But I'm rather doubtful about the colour... I'm not sure if purple and green is quite my thing.

And then I was supposed to move on to Clapotis for August's Stashbusters. After much indecision about what yarn to use, I finally settled on good old acrylic. Yes, I know. It seems like a disgrace to the pattern. But I honestly don't have the month to spend $40 plus on yarn for a scarf/stole thingy. Anyways, I found a cool colourway that doesn't match anything in my wardrobe but just spoke to me when I was at the store:

Have I mentioned how big this thing is? I'm knitting it to gauge and I have to say that it is huge. No, it's HUGE. I mean, it's MASSIVE! I feel like it's going to grow legs and sharp teeth and then chase me around while trying to eat me. Well... maybe not that drastic. But it is big. Here's my foot for size comparison:

I didn't think it would be so big when I first started knitting it. If I ever decide to knit this again (which I'm not sure if I would), I'll definitely try for a smaller version. Maybe something that will actually fit around my neck.

Oh, by the way, Clapotis isn't finished yet. It's almost finished, but not yet. Do you know what this means? It means that it will grow even bigger. Yes, that's right. EVEN BIGGER.

And then I got some stuff in the mail that I bought from I believe I have mentioned this purchase before on the blog? It arrived in heavenly softness and I really could not stop caressing it. My mother thought there was something wrong with me. Anyways, when it arrived, it was in hanks. But since I do not have a swift, nor a ball winder, it was a little hard for me to knit with it. I took a trip (walking trip, under the hot August sun. This is the level I will go to for knitting) to a local yarn store that had the equipment I needed and I begged them to let me use it to wind goods that were not bought at their store. They let me:

This is Shimmer in Morning Mist. I also recieved some Alpaca Cloud in Smoke. I've already started knitting it into the Yarn Harlot's Snowdrop Shawl. This is what I have so far:

As I held those balls in my hands, I was scared. Honestly. Like, heart-pounding, fast-breathing, palms-sweating fear. I cast on for the Snowdrop Shawl and nearly pissed in my pants. The stuff is so fine and slippery that I nearly dropped stitches and tramatized myself. I can only knit with this stuff for short periods of time or else I'll give myself a heart attack or an anerism or some such disaster. I'm telling you, laceweight can be DANGEROUS.

And then since I used their swift and ball winder, I couldn't very well just up and leave the yarn store, could I? So I bought some of this stuff to make a chuncky and funky scarf:

And hopefully, it won't turn into a MONSTROUS (and I mean that in a good way) sized thing like the Clapotis.

And so I leave you with what I was surrounded by all last week. Hopefully this will be soothing enough so that you can forgive my grave crimes against the blogging world.

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