So Close!

I am *this* close to changing colours in the Mission Falls Skirt. If I haven't told you yet (and I'm thinking I haven't), I'm making the skirt in black and at the bottom I'm having a strip of a greyish green colour. It should be about 5 inches long. And I'm almost there! I can't wait to change colour, omg. You don't even understand how tired I am of black stockingette stitch.

I've been thinking about that strip though. How should I combat that curling thing that stockingette stitch does? I like the look of seed stitch, so I was thinking I could end the skirt with about an inch of seed stitch. But would that be weird? I mean to have a black skirt, then 4 inches of grey stockingette, then an inch of grey seed stitch? Should I do the entire grey part in seed stitch? I'm actually really torn about this... if you have suggestions, I'd welcome them.

I'm also really impatient to start a new project. Michelle at Fickleknitter has kindly suggested that I start something new and I have to say that I agree with her. So I guess I'll be casting on that Fleece Artist sock tonight. Oh why can't Canada Post work faster and get me my Knitpicks yarn?!

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