I've Been Bad... But Not That Bad

Okay... so I've recovered from my ball winding spree, sort of. I love how I can wind anything I want into a wonderful, neat ball whenever I want! The freedom! Who could have ever imagined such joy! I don't think I'll ever be the same person again. Really, I won't. It is a happy day.

In the midst of moving back to school and going to classes and buying books and reading until my eyes fall out, I've been neglecting my knitting. I know, it's terrible of me. (I did wind inordinate amounts of yarn! Does that count?) Here's where I'm at.

The Fleece Artist sock does not have a partner yet. And I'm seriously considering if I want to give it a partner at all. The past two socks (not a pair, just two socks) have not inspired me to make any more. Maybe it's because both were tighter than I expected them to be... or maybe I just have large feet. I never considered my feet all that big, but then I never took the time to compare them to other feet. Maybe they are big? I don't know. But regardless, sock knitting is on hold for the foreseeable future. I'm sure I'll have another urge at some time to pick them up again, but not now. Good God, not now.

The Snowdrop Shawl was moving along quite nicely before I got back to school. Several repeats every day and it was growing quite large. I haven't touched it since I set foot into my house at school. This type of delicate lace knitting requires attention. This is attention that has been wasted invested in reading and writing and all those things we associate with academia. So unless I learn how to knit lace while reading (which I highly doubt will ever happen), this is going to be on the backburner.

The Ribby Scarf has been growing. The easy (and boring) 1x1 ribbing is definitely mindless enough for me to read to, but not interesting enough to post a picture of. Scroll down to that picture of the scarf several posts ago... now imagine it longer. Yups, that's it. The plan is to knit until 3/4th of the last skein is left and use the rest for fringe. I'll show you something when it's not just a long rectangle.

So when is the productive part coming? RIght now! The old Banff sweater has been nice and frogged (and wound into balls!), so Banff is no longer. Instead, Marilyn has been born.

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