Sorry... Nothing Yet

If you have come here expecting interesting and exciting knitting content, I'm sorry but I'll have to disappoint you. You see. There has not been a lot of knitting going on around here. (Well, that's not entirely true. There has been knitting, just boring knitting.)

For some reason, none of my current projects are keeping my interest. There's just nothing about them that draws me in. Ususally, there's a pull, an invisble force that completely envelopes my senses. At every waking moment (and some dreaming ones, too) I feel a great need to be knitting. When I'm not at home, I want to be home to get my hands on some yarn. When I am at home, all I can manage to do is sit and knit while reading knitting blogs. Alas, I have felt none of this magic from the yarn and needles sitting by my desk. It is a sad day indeed.

Yet, in my great need to procrastinate (because that is an essential part of any university student's life), I have forced myself to pick up the Ribby Scarf and at least try to put wasted time to good use. Do you know how long it takes to read 90 some odd blog posts? Quite a few hours, I assure you. While not all of those hours were utilized, I was able to multi-task for some of them and now the Ribby Scarf is longer. It is still incredibly boring, but it is longer boring. Hence the lack of pictures of longer boring scarf. Everything else looks exactly as it did in the last picture filled post.

And no... the ball winder and yarn still have not found their way onto my doorstep.

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