Winder On The Way

First, I have to apologize for not linking yesterday. I fully intended to link to the ball winder I was considering but unfortunately got lazy and forgot. Sorry... I have now corrected my mistake and you can find all the appropriate links in my last post.

But since then, I've gone ahead and ordered a ball winder from Who would have thought these things were so expensive? What exactly is in a ball winder that lets manufacturers jack up the price? Hum?? I wonder... Now that I've ordered it, I can't wait for it to arrive! Yes, I know it was only 12 hours ago that I placed the order, but come on! Shouldn't they have people filling orders at all hours of the night? And should shipping companies ship packages as soon as their ready? I mean HONESTLY, is it too much to ask that it be at my door step when I wake up in the morning? Well.... maybe it is.

And because I felt weird just ordering the ball winder by itself (it would be lonely in the box, really, it would!), I also ordered some yarn. 8 skiens of Peruvian Collection Baby Silk, to be exact. In Moroccan Olive. I'm excited. Really. I am! What exactly it will be used for is still up for discussion, but I've got a couple of ideas floating around.

Now I'm going to go sit on my doorstep and wait for mailman to arrive. (Yes, I know I may be waiting for a long time, but one can hope, no?)

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