I'm Still Alive... Barely

I could say that I've been attacked by a polar bear (since I DO live in Canada, ya know) and that I've spent the last couple of weeks recuperating. Or I could say that I was kidnapped but the abominable snowman (since I DO live in Canada, ya know) and held hostage in his igloo. Or I could say that I've been running for my life because some secret spy organization was trying to do scary human experiments on me (okay, that one has nothing to do with Canada... I hope.).

But honestly?

I've been completely stressed with school and mid-terms and papers and quizzes and readings. I know, not quite as exciting as you expected, eh? Such is the life of a student....

So that's why I haven't posted in almost a month. But fortunately, I have been knitting!

See?! Finished pair of socks! And OMG! Fleece Artist socks are SOOOOOO comfy! It's like wearing heaven on your feet. I could just sit at my desk all day and fondle them with my toes. Yes. That is a slightly disturbing image. Can you say fetish?!

Anyways, I have also began working on the ugly 80's socks. I had knit up one sock in the middle of the summer. Then realized that I hated the colour. Then I finished the one sock. Then I realized that it was too small. So then I threw it across the room put it gently aside to knit on something else. After I finished the Fleece Artist socks, I decided that I really needed to pick it up again. So I did. Then I promptly frogged it.

No fear. It is being reknit! As the Falling Leaves socks from Knitty.com. (Although, to be honest, I really don't see how the lace pattern resembles falling leaves. It is a beautiful pattern, that's for certain. Just not falling-leaves-ish.) But because of the ugly 80's colour way, the sock isn't as pretty as it could be. It's almost a waste. But really, the lace is the only saving grace. I just couldn't bring myself to knit an ugly colour in a plain pattern with nothing to distract from the ugliness of the colour.

Picking up from the "I'm a student" theme from above, I've decided to go on a yarn fast. Not because I have too much yarn (I don't think too-much-yarn is a real problem, honestly) but because I have no money. Like none. Like I go to my parent's house to get food because I do not have money to buy my own. Yes, it is sad. How long is this yarn fast? At least until the end of the year. We'll reassess the situation then.

As for now. I will be relying heavily on Stashbusters to help me get through the random little skiens of stuff I have lying around. Anyone have suggestions for projects that only required one ball of yarn?

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