Update #1

A little while ago I was whining about knitting socks. I loved them, then I hated them, then I loved them again. There was something about consistently making them too small. Highly unfortunate.

I am glad to show you, however, that I have overcome the "making socks that are too small" syndrome and have completed one pair that I had a particularly difficult time with. I hated the colour. It was retro... I don't do retro... but I found a lace pattern that obscured the retro-ness enough to make the socks bareable. The consequence is that the lace was obscured, too. I guess I can't have everything my way.

Here is it in all it's retro lace glory!

And a side view to better see the lace... sort of...

As you can see in this picture, the sock is a little too lengthy for my foot. It fits perfectly if I wiggle my foot around and spread my toes out and try to make my foot even fatter than it already is. If I don't... it's a little roomy. But that's fine. The leg part that goes around my ankle is a little tight, so there's the trade off.

I really need to learn how to knit socks that fit.

More photos to come soon...

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