Update #2

The other major project I was working on before I dropped off the face of the earth was the Snowdrop Shawl. Unfortunately, I have very bad photography skills (you should know that by now... when every single picture is blurry... there's gotta be something wrong), but this is the best I could do.

The last time I kept track, it was taking me an hour to knit 4 rows. Yes, that's how sad it is. The shawl is beautiful, it's just my slow knitting speed that is sad. Next shawl I knit, remind me to try something that gets gradually narrower rather than gradually broader. Otherwise, I'm loving it!

It's also taking much less yarn that I thought it would... I've got three hanks of the stuff and I've only worked my way through half of one. So I think I might have lots left over. Or will it all suddenly disappear at the end? No clue...

Sorry, this post is rather random and not very coherent. Maybe I should just stop before I say something I'll regret...

More pictures to come tomorrow!

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