Greetings from Kenya

Not sure if anyone reads this anymore since I haven't updated in a long time. I just wanted to share the news with the world that I have brought my knitting obsession to the rural villages of Kenya.

Yes, that's right. I am living and working in a rural village in Kenya, complete with mud huts, firewood cooking, dam water fetching, carrying stuff on heads, and no electricity. It is the quintessential African village.

But I brought my sock along for the ride because how could I go anywhere without something to knit on and now the teenage girls are just as obsessed as I am. Luckily for me, my office had a shopping bag of knitting supplies donated to them a little while ago that they had no idea what to do with. (Apparently, 20-something African men don't knit.) So I've taken it upon myself to teach the villagers how to knit.

This is a little bit of a paradox since it's a consistant 30+ degrees celcius in Kenya and I have a complex everytime I want to knit. Do I want to die from lack of knitting? Or do I want to die from excess heat from the wool? Regardless, the babies and children all wear knitwear and sometimes, when there's a nice cool breeze out, the adults wear knitwear as well.

So they're all into knitting and there's one lady in particular who is interested. She already crochets so knitting isn't that much of a stretch for her. My plan is to teach as many people as I can to knit and then hand the bag of knitting supplies over to this one lady and put her in charge of distributing it appropriately. Hopefully a village knitting committee will spring up and maybe they could sell their projects for extra income, or knit electricity lines or piped water or something.

Anyways, just wanted the world to know: knitting is now in rural Kenya. If I do nothing else in my time in Africa, at least I've done this much.

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