New Development

Eileen was knitting in her room this evening, listening to some music and reading blogs. Suddenly there was a knock on her door and in walks her father.

"Hi, Daddy. What's up?" She asks.

"I wanted to talk to you about your knitting." He replies.

Oh great, Eileen thinks to herself. Here goes the lecture on too much knitting and not enough school work. Just what I need.

"I got these two vests a while back. I really like them because they're lightweight, yet really warm. They're perfect for this fall weather. Do you think you could knit me something like that?"

Eileen stared at her father in disbelief. Did he just ask her to knit something? Who was this man, and what had he done to her father?! A moment or two passed before Eileen could actually respond.

"Uh...." She started, "Lemme see."

Taking hold of the vest, she immediately noticed that it was machine knitted and there was NO WAY she could knit something so fine.

"Um... well... Dad... certain types of yarn nowadays are pretty thin. See?" She holds up the ball of sock yarn lying on the desk. "But there aren't any that are thin enough to make this type of fabric."

"That's fine. Just as long as the vest is lightweight. I don't expect something exactly the same as this."

"Um... well... I can try..."

"Ok, that's great."

"I'll look for some patterns and get back to you."

"Sounds great. Don't go to bed too late." And with that he left the room, closing the door behind him.

Blinking several times, Eileen wondered if the scene she just witnessed actually happened or if she had imagined it. As soon as she was able to convince herself that she wasn't hallucinating, her mind started spinning.

Must find pattern. Must be lightweight. Must find yarn. Must not be too expensive (because Dad is really cheap). Must be a fast knit (because Dad is impatient).

What to do?! What to do?! So much to think of all at once. AHH!!! Mind exploding!!

She frantically started checking Knitty and Elann and other fabulous sites for patterns and yarns, trying to piece together a game plan. Maybe she could sneak in a trip to the yarn store after her driving exam tomorrow. She'll have to put all her current projects on hold. This is going to severly screw up her knitting schedule, but it's alright. How often does her father ask her to knit something?! NEVER!

So yes... that's what happened a couple of hours ago as my comfortable little knitting world suddenly was turned upside down. I'm a little calmer now... but only by a little.

I bought colourful sock yarn from Elann earlier today (before the encounter with my Dad).

And did you catch that?? Codos to you if you did. I have a driving test tomorrow at 10:00am. And I am still up and typing away at 1:30am. I'm so gonna fail.... (stupid parallel parking and backing in... argh, I hate parking). Please keep your fingers crossed if you're reading this before my exam... or should I say needles crossed?? hehe... sorry, that was really corny... I must go to bed now.

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