Sock It To Ya

I've got one sock!! Haha, these things are fun to knit. But because I bought white yarn, it's a little boring-looking. Next time, I'm gonna buy some funky colors. Should be a lot more interesting!! Can't wait!

I've also been itching to knit some mitten 'cuz it's getting cold out. Anyone have suggestions for mitten patterns? My requirements are it is easy, and it's knit in the round.

I think I'm gonna throw Banff in the corner for a little while... just until I decide what to do with the thing. But at least I've learned something for this experience: always check the finished measurements before starting a project. I'll most likely frog it and reknit it with modifications so there's less ease. But that will have to wait. For now, I'll be content with smaller, less ambitious projects that will satisfy my need for instant gratification. Thanks, ladies, for all your help!!

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