My very first pair of socks!! I didn't expect them to be so warm, but they are! Very exciting stuff.

I haven't decided anything for my dad's vest, although I'm leaning towards the Diamond For Him vest in Knitty. It seems thin enough for his requirements and I can picture him wearing it. But I have to find yarn for it... something cheap... any suggestions?

Another exciting development: my friend asked me to knit a Harry Potter scarf for him. (What's with all these requests all of a sudden?) I've never read Harry Potter, nor have I ever seen the movies. So it's kind of ironic that I'd be knitting one of those scarves. It shouldn't be very difficult considering I helped my co-worker knit one over the summer. My only concern is that it takes a long time... a very long time. And also, I want to find cheaper yarn because my co-worker's scarf worked out to be $50. Very expensive.

It's lovely to be asked to knit something for someone. I'm glad that they recognize the beauty of a hand knit item. I'm so anxious to get started on these orders... but I don't have any yarn. And I don't know when I'll be able to get some, since I don't have a car. Argh... So I've been brainstorming ways of getting yarn. Kind of difficult to knit without yarn, eh?

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