Swimming, Swimming...

... in my Banff.

There's something about blocking that I don't quite get. If you get it, please enlighten me. I understand how blocking can make things get bigger... but does blocking make things get smaller?

About the only that fits with Banff is the neck... everything else looks like it was made for Sassquach. The solution that pops into my mind is to block again and scrunch everything up so it's smaller, but somehow I doubt that's going to happen. The other solution that I think of is sticking it in the dryer, but that will probably destroy the thing. The last solution I thought of is to frog it and reknit it, but that is completely unacceptable because I've already spent too much time on this thing... besides, I'm lazy (I know, I know, I always use this excuse, I've got to come up with something better.)

Anyways, there's no point in taking a picture because all you'll see is my head, a neck and a huge pool of wool.

ps. you're right, Lisa, Banff is a rather masculine sweater...

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