I Have A Yarn Headache

Sometimes knitting is such a blessing... at other times it's a curse.

I have piles and piles of yarn sitting around my room. But I'm not knitting them into the projects that I want. Instead, I'm labouring away at what was supposed to be an easy sock that has now turned into a vertifiable nightmare. (Okay, maybe it's not that bad... maybe I'm exaggerating... maybe.)

I'm waiting on the right colour of Canadiana so I can continue with my friend's HP Scarf. Which means I've got 2 inches of scarf sitting there taunting me to keep knitting... but I can't!!

I'm waiting on my dad to tell me his measurements so I can start on his vest. This could actually take a while because he tends to forget things like this.

I've frogged the Mohair Scarf because I wasn't thrilled with the pattern and the needles I were using were too small. I've been told that you can't frog mohair... but I did it and it seems fine... just took it slow and gave it some TLC. I haven't decided what to do with this yarn yet. I do want a scarf... just not sure what kind.

In the meantime, I thought I'd knit up a pair of socks with left over yarn from the Checkered Blanket a while back. The thing is I have one ball of blue and one ball of white... not enough of either to knit 2 socks. So I decided I'd stripe them so they look the same and I won't end up with one white sock and one blue sock. Easy, right? NOT! I've got strands of yarn sticking out in all directions and tangled up with each other. The worse part is that I realized the yarn shortage after I had almost finished one sock... so I have rip it all out and start again with this nightmare.

Argh... why can't all knitting be relaxing and soothing instead of frustrating and anxiety causing?

ps. I have one good thing to share... I blocked the Vari Shawl. It's so light now! And much bigger than it was before. I'd say this is a success!

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