Yarn Galore!

I've been doing on ordering online and I recieved all my packages at once yesterday! Is it not the most exciting thing in the world to get packages? And on top of that it's packages of yarn! I nearly keeled over in my excitment!

So this is what I got:
2 skeins of Patons Canadiana in Cranberry
2 skeins of Patons Canadiana in Sand
6 skeins of Patons Canadiana in Dark Grey Mix

Do you see a pattern here? hehe. The first two are for my friend's HP scarf, except Sand is a little lighter than I thought it would be... so instead of a goldish colour, it looks like... well, sand. But I was obviously blind when I was ordering it because Canadiana has a colour named Gold that I think will look like... well, gold. So, I've placed another order for the Gold and I'll compare the two when it gets here.

I've already started knitting that scarf with the Cranberry, and I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised by the yarn! It's soft and a little bit silky, easy on the hands and knits like a charm! I think I may have to use this stuff for a number of other projects.

The Dark Grey Mix is for my dad's vest. I haven't yet found a pattern, but I'm leaning towards the Dimond one in Knitty, just because it's easily accessable. But I've loaned the needles I need to that Knit-a-thon, so I can't start on the vest until the end of the week... the torture!

I also recieved my package from Elann with sock yarn. I'm itching to knit it up right now, but I have to restrain myself... too many other projects going.

Did I tell you about the other "order" I received? It's from another friend who wants me to make a hat and mitts set for her. She saw that cute little beanie I knit a while ago and she basically wants the same thing. But she's going to have to wait... I can't believe there's so many people wanting me to knit stuff for them! To be honest, it's kind of terrifying. What if they don't like it?! Then I put all that work into it for nothing, very scary thought.

Oh! One last thing: I started on my mohair scarf with Patons Devine. I got that stuff a while ago and I only just started the scarf... but now I'm getting distracted by all this other yarn! What to do, what to do?

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