Notable Quotations

"Knitters are among the most resourceful people and no known force can stop a knitter who covets a new pattern."

"Hand knitters are born innovators. Over the centuries, they have become admirable mitten technologists, developing ever better shapings and always improving the use of available materials."

"There is no limit to what a knitter's creativity can produce when unleashed on the materials at hand."

"The toque must surely be the quintessential Canadian hat."

"Most knitters have a well-developed sense of generosity that comes from doing so much unselfish knitting for others. In fact, personal knitting has probably accounted for very little of all the work that has been done throughout history."

"Good socks have always been essentials in the Canadian climate..."

Quotations taken from Canada Knits by Shirley A. Scott.

The seaming of the vest has not progressed since the last post. I'm not surprised, you shouldn't be either. The first of the Stripey socks are done and I'm have way through the second one. Getting these stripes to line up are a little tricky, aren't they?

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