Done and Done

My presentation that is. This morning, I packed my knitting bag full of yarn and needles and headed off to my seminar class ready to tell them about the wonderful world of knitting.

My classmates were fascinated by the craft and enthusiastically tried to learn the knit stitch with the samples I knit up yesterday. Then I sat down and went through a whirlwind history of knitting. I think some of them were so enthralled with the knitting that they barely heard a word I said!

The discussion afterwards was great; many very engaging comments. Although, I have to admit that I've heard almost all of their points before. After all, I had spent a lot of time thinking about how knitting influenced the role of women and, in turn, the role of men in society.

Again, I got facinated commented about the self-striping sock yarn that I brought along.

So, does researching about knitting make up for a lack of actual knitting? 'Cuz both the Stripey Sock and the Diamond Vest have been at exactly the same stage for quite some time now...

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