Knitting Withdrawl

Going projectless for 3 days is tramatizing. And it started snowing outside again. These are my two reasons for starting the Shaker Rib hat again even though I don't have the right size needles. No worries, the pattern calls for a US6 for the ribbing and a US8 for the rest of the hat... I'll use a US7 for both sections. It seems to be working fine and I've satisfied my knitting withdrawl. It's almost half done! Yay!

In another attempt to satisfy my knitting withdrawl I've taken a virtual field trip to Guess what I bought?! 9 skeins of that Peruvian Highland stuff that everyone is always talking about. I got the coffee bean brown colour and it's destined to become the Rosedale Cardi from Knitty. I know, I know, the original pattern is for the beautiful Kiogu, but I can live with something that's less beautiful. I also got 2 skeins of the new Esprit Print sock yarn in Nautical something or other. So exciting! Can't wait to get the package in the mail! This is my birthday present to myself... this and maybe a special trip to the yarn store over reading week to splurge. Yay!

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