I AM Crazy

Thanks, ladies, for your wonderful comments. I really appreciate them!

So remember how I added a bunch of blogs onto my bloglines subscription? Well... since adding them, I have not had less than 90 new posts to read everytime I log in. The posts are piling up and I can't keep up! There are some 5 or 6 blogs I have completely neglected due to lack of time. Since I started work on Monday, my days are no longer quite so free for blog reading. You can't even imagine how excruciating it is to sit at a computer all day and not be able to read blogs. It's physically painful.

Anyways, I have sewn up the Ribby Tank. I took a picture of it today but it was hopelessly blurry so there was no point in posting it. Tomorrow evening after work will be another photo shoot and I hope it goes better than today.

I'm tired... and this post isn't making sense anymore. Right now, I'm not even quite sure what I'm typing. So yeah... I think I'm gonna head to bed.... *yawn*


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