I did run out of yarn.

The sleeves of Shrug? are supposed to be 10 pattern repeats long, but I cut it down to 7 because of my modified gauge. I thought this adjustment would leave me with enough yarn to finish off the thing, but obviously I was wrong. I tried to make the collar smaller, but that still left me with the side seams to sew up and no yarn to sew with. So this means that I will have to some how secure another skein of yarn, make the original collar size (which means ripping mohair... just thinking about it makes me cring), sew up the sides before officially finishing the project. I honestly don't know how the store was able to knit up the sample with only 2 skeins. I'm going to end up using 4! Yes, I altered the pattern, but even if I did follow it to the tee, I wouldn't have gotten away with just 2 skeins. Weird, eh?

I think the most annoying thing about having to get more yarn is that I will only use a TINY bit of the last skein. I just have one more pattern repeat to knit before sewing up the seams. Having almost an entire skein left after a project always gets me annoyed. Just that little difference and I could have saved the extra money on the skein. Oh well, what can you do?

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