Do You Believe in Beginner's Luck?

I have knit several pairs of socks before. Three pair, to be exact. All three times I have done a top-down pattern that required kitchener stitch to finish up the toe. All three times I been able to produce a satisfactory result. Why is it that this time the kitchener stitch looks like such crap?!

Maybe it's the cotton. I am forever cursed when it comes to cotton. I love the stuff, but it obviously doesn't love me. Oh well. What is a girl supposed to do? Ignore the fact that yarn doesn't like her and wear the darn sock anyways!

I would show you a picture of the mis-behaving sock, but my camera is also mis-behaving. (It also needs to be charged) So hopefully I will have pictures to show soon. Just wanted to let everyone know that the first Coral sock was done and the second one already cast on!

ps. Lisa, I used an online pattern called the Six Hour Sweater. I've linked it for you... the link is also on the sidebar under Stashbuster's April projects.

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