My Deepest Apologies

I have been around. Really, I have. Just not around... yeah...

Sitting in front of the computer all day at work leads me to avoid my computer at home. Highly unfortuneate, I know.

Also sorry for the lack of pictures. Soon, promise.

May has come and gone and the Shrug? for Stashbusters is done. Scroll down for some pictures. I blocked it out and tried to fixed the odd shaping thing it had going on, but I don't think the blocking session was very successful. It still feels weird when I put it on... although, it does look good lying on the ground. Oh well. I'll make myself wear it a couple more times this summer. Hey, I might even try my hand at another shrug! Don't hold your breath, though.

So what's next? Well. The Coral Socks are done minus grafting the toe together. I have started and ripped the Kitchen Sink bag more times than I would like to count. So I decided to try the Itsy Bitsy first, instead. It's going well. I've only ripped it once so far!

For June Stashbusters, I think I'm going to try Soleil from I have ordered the yarn from Yarn Forward in Ottawa and am awaiting the package in the mail. I will take pictures when it arrives.

I came across a brand called Kings Yarns and they make one particular brand called Kelly. From the pictures, the colours look gorgeous! Very delicate fading from one brilliant colour to another. Has anyone heard of it or worked with it or can comment on it?

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