Update #3

I was in the mood for a quick knit one day... and it just happened to be the same day that the new Knitty came out. Okay... maybe a couple of days after, whatever.

Anyways, I found some scrap yarn and come with this:

See how the little loops are messy? It's driving me insane. Some of them are fine and lie nice and flat and pretty. Other ones are devious and evil and twist and curl on me. It was worse. And then I did some makeshift steaming over a pot of boiling water. (One must be creative when lacking essential tools.) I haven't gotten around to steaming it properly so I'm hoping that the devious loops will straighten themselves out by then. Anyone have ideas of other reasons why the loops hate me?

Funny how things never look as nice as the pictures when I knit them... hum... something to think about...

I have lots to show, still!! But I need to do a photo shoot before anything can be posted... more tomorrow!

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