Update #5

For some very strange reason I've had an overwhelming urge to crochet. I don't understand it. It's unprecedented! I don't like crochet. I've tried to before and I don't like it! But it's like a complusion... I MUST CROCHET...

Fortunately, my mother crochets. This never meant much in the past since my mother only knows the name of the stitches in Chinese and I need to read patterns in English and the whole language translations thing was too much to handle. But this time, because of my overwhelming urge to crochet... it wasn't a problem anymore. She showed me the basics, I did some googling and matched up the descriptions with what she showed me and VOILA! I can crochet... sort of.

Don't ask me what that was... I have no idea... doesn't matter, though, it doesn't exist anymore.

But like knitting, crocheting random squares (or rectangles) isn't nearly as much fun as making something pretty. And since I've been seeing TONS of crocheted flowers everywhere, I googled some patterns (I love google, it's a great invention).

The white block of something was ripped and re-crocheted into another flower, same as the purple one. I tried a couple of other patterns, too... but since I'm sort on yarn right now, I had to rip and re-crochet.

**It's entirely strange and unfamiliar for me to type "crochet" rather than "knit." I feel like I'm a traitor, betraying something. But what?! No clue... it's just strange.**

Anyways. The plan is to use up scraps of yarn and make pretty little flowers and then sew them into a funky scarf. Who knew I'd be a crocheting girl? Strange...

Merry Christmas!

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