Cable Hat

As soon as I got my hands on my circular needles, I cast on for this Cable Hat. It's so pretty!

Now, be warned. I usually look HORRIBLE in hats. They just don't sit on my head properly. I want them to cover my ears (otherwise my head is still cold and then there's no point in wearing a hat), but then it looks like I'm getting my head eaten by some giant knitted creature. Not a pretty sight. But hopefully the cables will tame the overflow of yarn a little bit and it'll look more like a hat on my head...

I've tried it on my head already. Doesn't look half bad! But I don't want to get my hopes up until it's all done and finish. Then we'll see how head-eating-knitted-creature-ish it looks.

ps. I must continually apologise for blurry pictures. I have to admit that my camera is rather old... and doesn't seem to like taking good pictures anymore. That... or I just don't know how to use the thing properly. Either way, a thousand apologises.

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