That Was Fast

It's Done!

Probably one of the fastest patterns I've ever made. 3 days! That might not seem like such an accomplishment for some of your super-knitters out there, but it's certainly an accomplishment for me. I got the pattern from this lovely lady, and I must say that I would never be able to create a pattern like that on my own. I have enough trouble fudging numbers so I don't have to change gauge! And instead of the suggested number of stitches, I followed this lovely lady's lead and cast on 90 stitches for an extra pattern repeat.

On to the mittens!

These will be made to match (hopefully!). Numbers are taken from the Stitch 'n' Bitch book and fudged so compensate for the cable and different gauge.

Too much to knit and too little time! I can't believe I started classes today... it seems just like yesterday that I finished exams... such a shame.

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