The day after boxing day was earmarked for yarn shopping. (Boxing day was filled with pushing through crowds, a trek through Toronto and no yarn shopping.) While I promised myself that I would be "conservative" with the buying, I ended up spending so much more than I had anticipated. Funny how that happens, eh?

From the top: Yummy Fleece Artist sock yarn in a greeny colour way; Mission Falls 1824 Wool in a grey/beige colour (I'm working on expanding my colour palette... doesn't seem to be working, eh?); Lang Yarns' Tosca in a variegated white/baby blue/pink colour way (there's the expanding colour palette attempt).

The sock yarn will become... well... socks. The Mission Falls will become a hat and mitt set, hopefully. And the Tosca will become a scarf, I think.

Snowdrop Shawl update. It's big. See the foot for comparison

See the prettiness?

Unfortunately, I've run into a wee problem. I can't tell from the photo how wide to make the shawl. And I can't seem to understand the instructions either. This has me quite worried because Stephanie wrote the pattern. And even though I have never met her, I feel like she would be pretty clear in her patterns. I feel like she understands the frustration of not understanding a pattern and would be extra careful in making everything clear. But I just can't decypher how many repeats to go...

And so I decided just to move to the next step... but I'm not good with the picking up stitches unless the number of stitches I need to pick up match exactly the number of rows I can pick them up from. Make sense? Nevermind. It does in my head, but that doesn't always mean much.

Anyways, I've needed to set the shawl aside for a little while to get it out of my system. I might even work up the courage to email Ms. Stephanie to ask for help... we'll see how well that goes.

Happy New Year!

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