I Suck At Taking Pictures

Is it me? Is it my camera? I don't know. But either way... I suck at taking pictures. I mean, really suck. Hum...

The mitts are done done!

And I've moved on to other things. A sock from here:

And a closer (but blurryer) shot of the pattern:

I really like how the colour goes with the pattern. The colour variations are still very distinct and doesn't get lots in the pattern and vice versa. Very seashell-y. And even though it takes me forever to knit it (I think that's because the pattern is worked every round rather than every other round), I really like the result. Just gotta knit faster, I guess!

And I must have knit and ripped this thing 4 times! First it was a mistake rib scarf. Rip! Pattern's too plain for the cool varigation. Then I tried some short-rowing scarf a la the multi-directional scarf. Rip! The fabric was getting wonky 'cuz I tried something new and it didn't work. THEN I tried for a triangular shawl similar to this one. Rip! I couldn't get the bottom (or top?) edge to form a straight line. Rip! Finally, I figured out I have to increase on either end of the row as well as down the middle... so voila!

I'm liking it! It'll need a good blocking though... In my attempt to make it reversible, I alternated stockingette and reverse stockingette stitch every six rows. But the wonders of blocking should save me from the curling up, so I'm not worried.

So that's where I am. And knitting time definitely decreases as school time increases, an unfortunate inverse relationship that we must find some way to conquer.

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