Mittens Are A Curse

The left mitt is done!

Pretty, eh? I think so. Several complaints, though. My ssk's are UGLY. I mean, UGLY. You can sort of see a row of them on the top right side of the mitt. See the UGLINESS? It's UGLY. But I can't get them to stop being UGLY, so I just left it.

Also, I seem to have a problem with thumbs. The last pair of fingerless mitts I made had funky thumbs that pulled at the palm. It happened again. See? Right there. Where the thumb connects to the palm of the hand. See the slight pull? It's annoying. Especially when it's on my hand.

The problem goes away when I twist the mitt a bit so that the thumb is more to the side of the palm. But then the decreases at the top get twisted, too, and the cable doesn't go down the centre of the hand. Oh well, I'm too lazy to rip back and fix it. Hopefully I can figure out a solution for the right mitt. (Which has been cast on to avoid the second sock/mitt syndrome. But I'm definitely feeling the repetitiveness... I wanna knit something new!)

Oh! And I complete forgot to show you this! Turns out I did do some knitting shopping on boxing day.

Bookbookbook2 by Ms. Stephanie herself. I love how it's small. I've been carrying it with me since I got it and whipping it out to read a couple of pages when I have time. Gotta love her writing. She's genius. Genius, I tell you! So genius that I haven't worked up the nerve to email her yet... one of these days... promise.

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