Finished Socks

These socks took an inordinately long period of time to complete. Also, I have gotten lazy at posting. I seem to be lacking knitting inspiration. The other strange thing is that every subsequent pair of socks I knit seem to be more poorly made than the previous pair. Either my feet are getting fatter, or I'm knitting tighter or I'm improperly ignoring gauge. Regardless, these socks are a tad tight around the ankle/heel area which is threatening to cut off circulation to my foot, but I refuse to rip them because I'm lazy. So if that means I will risk amputating my feet, so be it.

Other than the fact that they are slightly tight, I'm rather happy with them. Yay! I'm also itching to knit more socks. Maybe I'm subconsciously trying to prove that I can knit a pair of socks that will fit properly...

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