More Knitting, Finally

Here is a finished Sheer:

The Peruvian Baby Silk feels like heaven on my skin. Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn before I could finish the pattern. But the beauty of the pattern is you can get away with no knitting the whole thing. The only drawback is my cast off edge is too tight and I can't lift my arms past a few inches away from my sides. Oh well. I thought about ripping the bottom and casting off looser. Or I could just leave it as it is.

And I bought yarn! Sock yarn from Knitpicks because of my recent obsession with socks. Parade in Daffodil and Simple Stripes in Autumn.

I've cast on with slightly larger needles and now I'm paranoid that the sock is too large. Seems as if I'll never get it right...

I think the colour of Simple Strips is a little off. The "brown" colour is definitely much more purple, which makes the stripping look rather clownish. Now that I've knit with it, I don't think I like the colour very much. But I guess it's going to be on my feet and no one else is really going to see it, right?

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